Andean Salt Flats


OPSAL’s documentary “Water is worth more than lithium” to be shown at international festival

The third version of the Global Extraction Film Festival (GEFF), a film festival that aims to show the destructive impacts of extractive industries worldwide, will be held between 26-30 october. This year’s program includes more than 250 documentaries and short films from 50 countries. Among them, “Andean Salt flats: Water is worth more than lithium”, a documentary by the Plurinational Observatory of Andean Salt Flats (OPSAL in Spanish) that shows the impacts of non-metallic mining in the salt flats of Chile, Argentina and Bolivia.


Statement against the VI Lithium Forum 2022: Water is Worth more Than Lithium

The organizations, indigenous community leaders and researchers participating in the II Plurinational Meeting for the Andean Salt Flats and Wetlands held on September 23 and 24 at the offices of the Heinrich Böll Foundation Cono Sur, are concerned about  the organization of the sixth version of the Lithium Forum on Wednesday, September 28 in Santiago, Chile.